When can I start?

Give me a call - I might be free now! Seriously, it's your schedule and we'll agree a time that fits you and you're other commitments.

How long will it take to do the Open Water referral course?

A full open water diving course is usually four days. In order to do the theory and pool elements of that we'll need to find the equivalent of two days in your schedule, maybe two evenings per week for a fortnight? Or two weekday evenings and two weekend mornings, whatever works! If you want to do it all in one weekend we can do that too.

Will this be more expensive than doing the course abroad?

The cost of doing courses is left to the local dive centre and so where you go and what you are charged will of course vary accordingly. However, as an example an Open Water course in Phuket, Thailand a popular location for dive schools, costs around €440. They charge around €260 for referred students completing their open water course with them when doing boat dives. So yes, it is a little more expensive to complete the course this way than in Thailand, however, you are not having to spend so much time in the classroom or swimming pool while you are there, so you are getting better value for your holiday cash.

What do I need?

We can supply all the equipment you need. A swimming outfit and a towel for the pool elements, a pencil (and perhaps an eraser!) for the theory elements and that's it.

What is PADI?

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. It is by far the largest player in the industry and you will find PADI instructors able to continue your course wherever you travel in the world. It also means that when you achieve your own certification you know that your achievement will be recognised by any dive operator anywhere in the world.

Can you teach more than this course?

Yes, as a qualified Open Water Scuba Instructor I am qualified to teach any PADI diving course up to and including Divemaster. I have also achieved instructor ratings in a number of specialties such as Enriched Air (Nitrox), Deep diving, Underwater Navigation, Digital Underwater Photography, Gas Blending, Fish Identification, Coral Reef Awareness, Peak Performance Buoyancy etc. I am also an Emergency First Response Instructor and so able to teach and certify Rescue Divers / Emergency First Responders.